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Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale


The following machines are on sale! Jura S8 Piano Black - 12% off Solis Barista Perfetta White - 12% off Solis Barista Perfetta Black - 12% off  Solis Barista Perfetta Silver - 12% off  Profitec Pro 300 - 10% off  Profitec Pro 500 - 10% off 

Coffee Machines – As Much a Part of the Vancouver Scene as the Beaches and Mountains

  When we think of Vancouver, do coffee machines come to mind? Probably not, but perhaps they should. Of course, this west coast urban centre is home to a highly diverse population, incredible First Nations art, a rich history, unparalleled nature, and some of the most stunning vistas in the…

What Sets a Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Apart from the Rest?

  What exactly is a ‘fully automatic’ – sometimes referred to as ‘super automatic’ – espresso machine? How can we differentiate these state-of-the-art appliances from their bare-bones cousins with less advanced features? Also known as ‘bean to cup’, fully automatic espresso machines are coffee and espresso makers with built-in coffee…


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