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2 Profitec Deals

Profitec is one of the big brands when it comes to quality semi- automatic espresso machines, competing with ECM, Rocket and Lelit. We are the official service representatives for Profitec in BC and we are well stocked on machines and parts. "Our highest claim is quality and our motivation is…

What’s Best for YOU When It Comes To Automatic Espresso Machines? Part Two

  Welcome back. We’ve been talking about how to choose the best automatic espresso machine – for you and your specific requirements. Coffee culture has never been more robust and has been met by an exploding market of technology-rich coffee systems, targeting the DIY barista. So, what suits your lifestyle,…

What’s Best for YOU When It Comes to Automatic Espresso Machines?

  Let’s face it – most of the world runs on coffee. And those in the know realize that many of us only want to wake up to a perfectly brewed, silky cup of coffee simply bursting with flavour – WITHOUT driving to the neighbourhood coffee shop to get it.…


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