Monthly Archives: June 2021

Households in Canada – Crazy for Espresso

  The times, they are a-changing…even when it comes to coffee. Today, it’s hard to imagine a time when coffee and café culture weren’t an intrinsic part of society, as they are today. With 14 billion cups of coffee being annually consumed in Canada, it’s the most popular hot beverage…

When It’s Time – for the Best Commercial Coffee Machine

  So you’re taking the plunge – figuratively speaking, of course. That long-standing dream of running your own coffee shop is about to come true. You know the one: the wafting aroma of freshly ground beans, the comings and goings of loyal customers going about their various day-to-day, and the…

JURA: The differences between the new E8 vs the old E8

One of Jura's best selling machines in the residential market is the E8 and they have now made some updates that go a long way.  Jura made some significant changes while keeping the same famous features that has made it a bestseller.  For only $100 more at $ 2,695 for the…


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