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QCS Jura Weekly Promo – E8 White

Jura E8 Pianowhite Jura 0.6L Cool Control  

Complete the barista look with Solis accessories.

  We now carry all the accessories to complete the look of being a professional barista all in the comfort of your own home. Not only does it complete the look, but it also will prevent your counter space from being dirty and protect your nice counters. The purpose of…

Coffee: Where to Find It – How to Make It

  With all things “coffee” achieving near cult-status, it might be time to talk about the where, when, why and how to join this thriving culture, and make it your own. Let’s take a look at the world of espresso coffee machine suppliers and see if we can draw some…

Commercial Coffee Machines – How to Separate the Best From the Rest

  When rating the best commercial coffee machines on the market, it’s truly impossible to make that fine distinction when considering the crème-de-la-crème contenders: Schaerer – a brilliantly constructed example of Swiss engineering, with a range of lines that promise and deliver exquisite beverages….JURA – another Swiss masterpiece incorporating state-of-the-art technology…

How to make your Jura machine last

Jura designs their machines to last about 10 years. As we are the official service center for Jura in British Columbia, all Jura machines that need service such as repairs or check ups come to us. Although we tell people that 10 years is the average lifespan of a Jura…

QCS’ Jura Weekly Promotion: E8 Chrome

Option 1: With the purchase of the Jura E8 Chrome, you get... Variety pack of coffee: 3 Bags (free) Chicco D'oro Tradition, Chicco D'oro Miscela, Perfekt Kaffee  Cool Control 0.6 L (free)      ** Value of: $ 390** Option 2: If you do not need a cool control because…


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