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Perfekt Kaffee

Premium Grade Blend Ideal for Jura Espresso Machines We now have our own line of 100 percent Arabica coffee beans! They were made out of passion and care for our customers and their machines. They work best for high quality machines. These beans are not as oily and as such,…

So you care about coffee and own a small condo.

Handmade since 1962. Although the Ascaso Espresso Machines are as stylish as anything else you'll find in Barcelona, the real story of this machine is its rugged reliability. The flagship "Dream" by Ascaso contains: 100% Aluminum body. Professional brass boiler. Powerful steam and hot water. Versatile: 3 systems (ground, pod…

The launching of my new favorite machine: The Cremina SL by Olympia

  https://youtu.be/KdaVFe7Qdn8   The Cremina SL, by the Swiss based company, Olympia is a historical piece of machinery which combines the timeless classic with modern sleek. It has the vibrant pop from the red panels and the elegance of the pure chrome. The type of person who likes these machines…

Jura Espresso Coffee Machine | August Special Offer


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